Harmful chemical substances of E- Waste


E- Waste means the electronics waste material that produces different chemical substances harmful results for our environment. E-waste has become one of the most power full threats for the world environment.

Mercury Hg, leads Pb are the most powerful harmful substance of e-waste. Laptop and UPS batteries contain this kind of substances that are very awful for Health.

The technology is changing day buy day we are depending of electronic and electrical equipment fro our daily needs. Therefore the numbers of electronic devices are increased 20 – 45 percent I n the recent decades. These electronic junk are not recycled properly and due to less space in we storing these waste in our nearest living places. Risk less management of e-wastes is causing a hazardous for any locality. The scientific solution of e- waste problem is not just collecting all the e-waste and throw that in a lonely place is not a solution. Different organizations are working to develop environment friendly e-waste solution for any institute of offices that refused to use the e-waste. Some organization never want to disposed there e-waste as they contain many important data about their employees – if it is a educational organization than e-waste sometimes contain important data that need s some kind of security, before damaging or recycling those data a storage devices they want proper destruction of these stored data. The e-wasted are recycled in more eco-friendly manners.

2 thoughts on “Harmful chemical substances of E- Waste

  1. This is an important subject, especially since much e-waste is shipped to the third world, where it is broken down without any safety regulations. Thanks for posting on it.

  2. It’s truly sickening how much e-waste is out there, and I found that one great way to combat this problem is look for help through a greener PC company called Userful. What’s great about them is they actually re-use a single existing PC to power up to 10 workstations at once saving energy and reducing e-waste. I’m incredibly satisfied with what they offer, and I think it’s something everybody should check out to help combat this problem of e-waste – http://www.userful.com

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